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Our record in 23 years of operation is outstanding when it comes to quality and damage control. South West Express is-

  • AMCAS Accredited –  first in WA
  • RLSC Accredited
  • H.A.C.C.P. Accredited.
  • WQA Accredited.
  • Heavy vehicle Accredited.
  • Fatigue Managed.

As a commitment to our stance on these accreditations, South West Express employs a full-time Compliance Manager, focused solely on internally scrutinising and maintaining these systems and processes

In June 2009 South West Express began trials of the MTData GPS trailer positioning and temperature monitoring system. So far South West Express has fitted the MTData System to twenty-six FTE trailers and all of our Prime movers and rigid trucks. This system has already proved invaluable in facilitating our ability to provide ourselves and our customers, with a system that provides full trip cold chain temperature monitoring and GPS tracking functionalities, with real-time visibility.

A crucial element of this system is our ability to provide our customers with a secure internet link where they can gain real-time vision of any loads position and temperature. Customers can also utilise these login abilities to access factual historical time and/or temperature data for any load previous transported, if and when they are required to do so, without a need to contact the transport provider.

Some of the key benefits that our MTData system offers clients include-

  • Real time performance data and video monitoring of trailers y our compliance management team
  • Automated alarms for temperature or location events
  • Record and replay load route, location, temperature, vehicle speed and fridge alarms on a map and/or graphs for any specified load or date.
  • Secure internet log-on facilities for clients that allows them to track where their loads are and the temperature in real time, as well as being able to extract factual historical data.
  • Full multi-zone support for all values.
  • Notifications can be configured to any number of users, based upon various trailer data. Examples of this could be notification of all individual zone temperatures one hour after despatch from the RDC, or notification to the Supermarket when the load is fifty kilometres (or thirty minutes) away from that store.
  • Notification of trailer doors being opened in unauthorised areas.
  • Notification of functionality issues to the refrigeration units such as low fuel, low battery, refrigeration alarms and when servicing requirements are due.
  • Remote monitoring and adjustment of individual temperature zones within a trailer, without having to contact and/or stop the vehicle.

The South West Express Difference