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As a locally owned, family run business we understand the huge impact that road trauma has in regional Western Australia.     This is why we are committed to a Zero Harm organisational culture.  Placing a focus on safety awareness South West Express practices seven zero harm principles:



Safe Systems

Risk Management

South West Express undertakes rigorous risk assessments across all activities within the business to identify and manage safety issues by implementing appropriate controls.

Inspection & Audit

We perform inspections and audits of each of our depots, vehicles and systems in order to be proactive in prevention of accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses.

Incident Analysis

In the case that an incident does occur, South West Express is committed to thorough investigation to uncover and identify the root cause(s) and building in preventative actions that reduce the risk of similar accidents occurring in the future.

Hazard Reporting

South West Express encourages open communication and empowers its employees to speak up about accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses, to ensure risk is controlled to the highest standard.

Safe People


Safety is a daily consideration in the way we work and is incorporated into every toolbox meeting and skills development program for all of our staff.

South West Express drivers  complete advanced industry recognised training and accreditation. We are actively working towards having all employees complete the Vocational Education and Training (VET) course in Road Transport and Distribution to a Certificate III level which includes includes competency assessments on units in Chain of Responsibility (CoR),  HACCP, Retail Safety and Driver Fatigue Management.


Identifying drivers with a proven track record for adherence and safety is a core part of our recruitment process at South West Express. 

Safe Environment


South West Express is an early adopter of emerging road transport safety technologies.  Many of our prime movers are now equipped with adaptive cruise control, lane correction, electronic stability control and emergency braking.  Each of these technologies contributes to a safer workplace for our drivers, and the community as a whole.


With a team of in-house heavy duty diesel mechanics, and a rigorous preventative maintenance regime, we have invested heavily in keeping our fleet operating safely at all times.

Every journey begins with a comprehensive paper and computer based pre-start check.  

Real Time Monitoring & Recording

Every vehicle in the South West Express fleet is equipped with a real time telemetry tracking system which identifies any anomalies in the vehicle speed, performance or driver behaviours as they occur.  


Each prime mover is also fitted with a 4 camera black-box recording system that continuously captures a video stream of the vehicle and its surrounds, which can be used where required for incident analysis.